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GSoC Progress - Week 9

Hello all. Last week has been rough, here's what I could do.


The printing now works, hence I could test them. Due to that we could even test both the constructors, one from hash_set and other from Basic.

The Polynomial wrappers PR, we need to get in quick, our highest priority.

We need to make the methods more robust, we plan to get it in this weekend.
Once this is in, Shivam can start writing function expansions.

I have also couple of other tasks:

  • Use std::unordered_set so that we can have something even when there is no Piranha as dependency.
  • Replace mpz_class with piranha::integer throughout SymEngine and checkout benchmarks.

I intend to get Polynomial in this weekend because I get free on weekends :)
As there are only 3-4 weeks remaining, I need to buck up.

That's all I have