Sumith : Optimized Awesomeness


Hey there! It seems that you have stumbled on my blog.

Hello, I am Sumith, a first year Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate at IIT Bombay.

My interests are

  • Programming: I been in love in programming ever since I joined IIT Bombay. I have started contributing to open source at SymPy. I have also successfully completed developing apps at appathons conducted at IIT Bombay. I have also developed a couple of webapps.

  • Reading: I love reading novels. My favourite authors are Dan Brown, Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to name a few. The genres I like are thrillers and philosophical. I am also interested in fine arts, sketching and cycling, and occasionally spend time on these too.

That's more about me. I'll keep this updated with my GSoC progress, books that I read and interesting things that I encounter.
Thanks for reading!

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