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So what happened at EPFL?

Hi there! I initially intended to regularly update this blog with my work at EPFL but I was then suggested to not disclose research details of unpublished work.
So I worked on a bunch of secretive stuff (shhh!) about which I shall update you soon. I had a blast at EPFL, time at LARA was surely well spent. I now feel more confident about pursuing graduate studies in Computer Science and have decided to do another research intern coming summers, explore a new field or place. I would love to go back to EPFL and Lausanne for grad school, the place is bliss. I'll leave you with the following pictures of my stay at EPFL..



My workstation My workstation at LARA, EPFL

Scala stairs The awesome stairs and also the logo of Scala

Co-interns Wonderful set (well, subset) of my co-interns

Autograph by Prof. Odersky Thrilled to have gotten a signed copy of this by Prof. Odersky

Thank you for reading.
Be back for more!