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GSoC Progress - Week 7

Hello. Sorry for the really late post. As I was moving from home to Mumbai back and also part of the grading team of International Physics Olympiad(IPhO), I could not contribute as much as I had thought I could. Here is what I have for this week.


The Expression class was built upon the initial works of Francesco. I made a SymEngine patch with his as an initial commit. We now have a top-level value class.

The slowdowns finally got tackled. It was Piranha that needed amendment. The slowdown, as discussed previously, was due to the class thread_pool. This was resolved was templatizing thread_pool i.e. replace class thread_pool: private detail::thread_pool_base<> with template <typename = void> class thread_pool_: private detail::thread_pool_base<>. This basically saw to it that inclusion of individual headers. Including single piranha.hpp still had this problem. The problem was piranha.hpp includes settings.hpp, which in turn defines a non-template function called set_n_threads() which internally invokes the thread pool. This was resolved by a similar fix, the setting class to <typename = void> class settings_.

Many things were reported until now, hence Ondřej suggested a documentation of all the decisions taken. The wiki page, En route to Polynomial was hence made.


* #511 - Polynomial Wrapper

* #512 - Add Francesco to AUTHORS
* #500 - Expression wrapper.

En route to Polynomial

Targets for Week 8

Get the Polynomial wrapper merged.

Points to be noted:
* Use standard library alternates to Piranha constructs so that we can have something even when there is no Piranha as dependency.
* Basic class in, so that Shivam can start some work in SymEngine.

I am thankful to Ondřej and the SymEngine team for bearing with my delays. I hope I can compensate in the coming week.

That's all this week.